Snatch is the evolution of brand marketing that utilizes gamification, AI, and augmented reality to engage users and brands uniquely, driving retention, spending, and engagement, to maximize brand engagements on mobile at a global scale. It is a flexible AR brand-marketing platform that connects developers and selected advertising partners, offering gamers and consumers the adrenaline and motivation of real-life prizes with the rewarded ad partnerships taking up a notch with game advertising through AR mini-games, geocaches, rival battles, and avatar customization.
Snatch delivers campaigns for brands that pull several different performance levers for over 100 partners in the UK alone and provides data and valuable insights into customers’ spending behaviors for applications across multiple consumer sectors.
The Unique Features of Snatch:
  • High-Performance Direct User Acquisition Marketing
  • Bespoke Innovative and Impactful Brand Awareness AR Campaigns
  • Real-world Integration of Consumer Traffic Through Safe House Check-ins
  • Redemption Rate Surpasses Traditional Media Advertisement
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