Fintech Advisory

In 2019, Fintech funding recorded a new high of USD135.7 billion. Meanwhile, in 2018 Fintech funding rose to USD111.8 billion – equivalent to an increase of 120% compare to 2017’s of USD50.8 billion. This shows how Fintech is well positioned to disrupt the banking industry. However, V Capital sees this more as an opportunity for traditional banks and financial institutions to partner with Fintech companies rather than to compete. The financial services sector is an industry that introduced credit cards in the 1950s, Internet banking in the 1990s and, since the turn of the millennium, contactless payment technology. However, Fintech’s place in the public conscience has really taken off in the past three years. Fintech is no longer just a payment platform. It is now also available in credit or loan platform, as well as a wealth management platform. Traditional banks need to start collaborating with Fintech companies in order to move forward in this era.

V Capital Group has partnered with some of the world’s best Fintech companies to advise in Fintech transformation for banks and financial institutions. We can serve as backbone technology support or develop a new interface to serve our client’s needs. Our objective is to create a new financial ecosystem in this opportunity by collaborating with the financial institution.

Preparation for you to go into Fintech:

Our backbone support technology includes:

V Capital Group provides banking platforms as a service. All these platforms are ready for banks or financial institutions to just plug and play. Our aim is to make our client’s platform all-encompassing and prominently positioned in the market using the most cost-efficient and time-efficient methods.


The entry barriers to traditional Banks have been disrupted with new specialized entrants and emerging business models which have blurred the lines between business and technology.

Who’s better — digital or traditional banks — depends on what criteria is used to make the determination. But there’s a case to made for both sides of the coin.

Financial Technology (FinTech) is increasingly important in Malaysia’s financial sector. Conditions are good for further growth given a growing middle class.

Governments and businesses across Asia are investing in FinTechs – both to promote financial inclusion and commercial gain.