Digital Advisory

An experienced team to transform your company by leveraging on digital technology.
Innovation companies are disrupting the traditional business model these days. Harnessing the opportunities presented in this digital era means reimagining the way people perceive, learn and execute financial decisions. Over years of research and development, V Capital Group have gained experience and expertise in digitalization of an organization in an effective way. Our objective is to support our client to find a new way of working together to sustainably deliver value to stakeholders, with a focus on leveraging digitalization to augment the client’s business. Opportunity often comes with risks and complexity of embracing what ‘digital’ means for your company and how we can create meaningful business outcomes for you. We advise, assist and guide our client across digital strategy, design, and execution.

These include:

  • Digital business ideation and modelling service
  • Digital architecture and road map design
  • Transformation that is informed by data, guided by purpose and executed to the finest details generated by AI.
  • AI will help in business process optimization that focuses on delivering value to your customer
  • We create and implement the ecosystem of cloud to your company
  • It enhances your data security and mobilization of work.
  • Initial coin offering or security token offering advisory
  • AML and KYC advisory
  • Customized blockchain development
  • Tokenomics – advice on token quantity, utility value and user interface
  • Web Design and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Measurement and analytics
  • Online marketing campaign


Bitcoin, Gold Set for 2020 Growth on Fixed Supply, More Adoption.
(Bloomberg Intelligence) -- The fact that a store-of-value asset with fixed supply and increasing adoption is more likely to appreciate in price will keep Bitcoin supported in 2020, in our view, while the primary trends of 2019 that favored the first-born cryptocurrency vs. rivals should persist.

Digital Technology is slowly being recognized as an important enabler for innovations. Digital Transformation brings forth unmatched opportunities and capabilities for growth and value creation.

It takes more than technology to lead the digital revolution. A balance of innovation, new technologies and human insights is key for businesses to survive and thrive in the digital world.

In a digital world, where disruption is not a one-off or discrete event, but a way of life, Businesses will need to change to remain fit for purpose.