The Global IPO Watch analyses IPO and FO trends on a quarterly basis, both at a global and regional level. It is based on data extracted from Dealogic, whereby only transactions with a minimum of $5 million money raised have been included. Transaction proceeds include the overallotment option (if exercised).

In recent year, the survival of public companies after the IPO has gained attention among academic researchers. The survivors in this study were defined as companies that continued to be listed in the Market or companies that have been transferred to other Marketsi as of December 31, 2017.

Turning an enterprise into a publicly traded company through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a significant milestone for your company. It calls for the combined efforts of advisers from the accounting, legal, financial advisory and underwriting professions.

For a business, going public is never a straightforward process. Amongst others, a company is to be prepared for structural and regulatory requirements as well as for the demands of external investors.


The entry barriers to traditional Banks have been disrupted with new specialized entrants and emerging business models which have blurred the lines between business and technology.

Who’s better — digital or traditional banks — depends on what criteria is used to make the determination. But there’s a case to made for both sides of the coin.

Financial Technology (FinTech) is increasingly important in Malaysia’s financial sector. Conditions are good for further growth given a growing middle class.

Governments and businesses across Asia are investing in FinTechs – both to promote financial inclusion and commercial gain.


Digital Technology is slowly being recognized as an important enabler for innovations. Digital Transformation brings forth unmatched opportunities and capabilities for growth and value creation.

Bitcoin, Gold Set for 2020 Growth on Fixed Supply, More Adoption.

It takes more than technology to lead the digital revolution. A balance of innovation, new technologies and human insights is key for businesses to survive and thrive in the digital world.

In a digital world, where disruption is not a one-off or discrete event, but a way of life, Businesses will need to change to remain fit for purpose.


VC Market in Asia remained soft in Q4’19. While there were challenges for Asia’s VC market this yer, some positive outcomes emerged, including the market self-correcting before it became too big of a bubble.

Influenced by the rise of global markets, giant advances in technology and changes in investment landscape, the finance function today is much more than “beancounter” of the past.

The Outlook comprises three main parts, each highlighting a particular dimension of recent economic developments in the region, which includes regional economic monitor, depicting the economic outlook and macroeconomic challenges in the region.

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak affects the PRC and other developing Asian economies through numerous channels. The magnitude of the economic impact will depend on how the outbreak evolves, which remains highly uncertain.